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The School

The Greek School and our Method

Welcome to our school!

Ethos is a Greek School that offers Greek language courses to people all around the world: to kids, teenagers and adults at all levels.

Our aim is to help all learners to acquire knowledge of the Greek language, bring them closer to Greek culture and way of life and make them literally feel like locals.
I teach in real time, via an interactive virtual classroom, for people who prefer online classes, and, in person, for people who live in Chania, Crete, or for travelers who are interested in traveling and taking Greek classes.

In our school, you also have the opportunity to meet other people, from all over the world, who feel as passionate as you about the Greek language, through our group and semi private classes.
Ι will be very happy to meet you!


Regarding the method of our school, we use course books that are certified and structured in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages. Furthermore, we enrich our lessons with a variety of activities, like quizzes, assessment tests, songs, videos, and podcasts, through different applications, in order for you to practice, learn and enjoy your lessons. All the material we choose and use, as well as the lesson plans, are designed according to the students’ age, level and needs in such a way as to develop all their skills.


The Educational Means we use:

•Virtual Classroom
• Course Books
• Activity Books
• Free access to educational applications
• Quizzes
• Videos
• Podcasts
• Songs

The development of all your skills:

• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing
• Listening
• Enriching your vocabulary

ETHOS etymology

The ancient word “Ethos” means “the habits that are acquired through repetition”. Acquiring knowledge or learning a foreign language makes teaching and time essential factors in the assimilation of knowledge. The procedure takes place within the wider context of the word “ethos”, where, the constant practice required for learning Greek, is carried out in such a way that this process becomes a habit and the goal is thus gradually achieved.

Ethos, for our school, means->
“quality, stability, consistency, responsibility”

Where does the word ‘ethos’ derive from?
 Ἔθω /etho/: to be accustomed to

Ethos and ethics

The word ethos is etymologically related to the word ethics (r. seth- >ἔθος>ἦθος>ἠθική). Moral virtues are connected to “ethos” in far more ways than the purely etymological, since they are the result of habits. Aristotle, in the “Nicomachean Ethics”, emphasizes that humans’ morals and personal character are formed according to the way in which they have learnt to think, act, feel and react from an early age.

The Teacher

Teacher of Modern Greek. Founder & Director of Studies.
Γεια σας! Hello! I am the Founder & CEO of the Greek Language School “ἔθος – Ethos”. My name is Athanasia Mousteraki and I am a native Greek Τeacher. I am based in Chania, a city on the beautiful island of Crete, in south Greece. From early childhood I was inspired by my teachers and decided that I wanted to become a Greek language teacher, and thus I followed my instinct. I am a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Greek Philology and a Master’s Degree in e-Learning, from the University of Piraeus. I have taught Modern, Ancient Greek and Latin in Greece to students in Secondary Education from 2014 and I have extensive experience in teaching the Modern Greek language as a second or foreign language, in person and online, to many students from all around the world. I have cooperated with tutoring schools in Greece in Secondary Education and Greek Schools where I taught the Greek language to native and non-native speakers. My professional experience as a teacher of the Modern Greek language started in 2016.

My passion for teaching Modern Greek, the willingness of the people to learn and become familiar with the aspects of the Greek civilization, and their trust, guided me to found the School.
I am so excited to share my experience and knowledge of Modern Greek with people all over the world and to help them acquire a deep knowledge of the Greek language and bring them closer to Greek culture and tradition.

By studying the Greek philosopher Aristotle I found myself believing “that humans’ morals and personal character are formed according to the way in which they have learnt to think, act, feel and react from an early age”. The building of habitual practice and repetition is also important in the learning process. In order to learn a second language it is important for learners to practice and focus on their goal.

And that is how I chose  the name for our Greek School!
“quality, stability, consistency, responsibility” characterize our School.


nancy mousteraki